I am so thrilled that you are interested in purchasing beautifully crafted heirloom prints and products from your session! 

I have spent years looking at and testing out different products for my clients that I believe you will cherish. I wanted products that you can enjoy for your entire lifetime, and then pass down to your children, and they pass down to theirs. I have a box of old pictures inherited from my mother that are from my childhood, and they are bent and mixed up in a giant plastic box. Once in a blue moon, I take them out and look at them but its pure chaos ha! As an adult, I have been determined to cherish my memories by utilizing the products below to showcase my own family memories, and also keep them safe. Through heirloom quality, these products will stand the test of time. 

Pricing Collections & Products

Leather and Linen Fine Art Albums $595 (10x10)

Albums are an amazing way to view your images time and time again with luxury and ease. 10x10 is a great viewing size, but they can come in any custom size you wish. Grandparents GUSH over these for wedding and newborn gifts. When purchasing 2 or more 10x10 albums, I offer a 10% discount. A 5x5 brag book/album can be added for just $250.

Albums come in a variety of colors as well. Pictured here is a linen album in the color Sky - Absolutely stunning and timeless! With super thick durable pages printed on archival paper, these albums are hand made to last for generations. There are several custom cover options such as gold and silver stamping that adds a touch of elegance to your album.

Engraved Walnut Photo Box $250 + tax

I LOVE my engraved walnut photo box. It is where I keep treasured photos of my beautiful children. They are safe from sunlight, and beautifully displayed so that I can easily look upon my memories at any given moment. 

Two Hanging Photoblocks $275 + tax (6x12 and 8x12)

Below are some examples of another favorite product of mine - wood photo blocks.  These are absolutely stunning and will be S H O W  S T O P P E R S  in your home. Everyone will ask where you got them, and you'll say AKP, of course!!  Instead of being printed on the wood, in which you would be able to see the inconsistencies of the wood grain come through, images are printed on the finest photographic paper and then adhered to the wood so each photo retains the highest quality. Covered with a protective layer for water and light resistance, each block is created to stand the test of time. The edges are lightly sanded to add a unique visual charm.  Photoblocks come in various shapes and sizes. Below are some examples of my favorite blocks!

The Perfect Mix Photoblocks $575 + tax (Blocks can be purchased individually!)

All The Circles Collage $595 + tax (You can buy these individually as well!)

Large Square Photoblock $200 + tax (12x12)

Hanging Canvas $225 + tax (11x14)

Another one of my absolute favorite products is the Lagniappe Hanging Canvas. Printed on museum grade canvas mounted with gorgeous walnut wood and rope, rest assured, this luxurious canvas far surpasses any knock offs you can find at the consumer level. The texture of this canvas is so devine and quality is truly heirloom. 

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