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Baby's First Year Plan

*** Baby's first year plan is meant for those who want to capture the important milestones that we want to document as parents. As a mother myself, I want to remember all of the precious memories of my chubby little ones as they grow their first year!  By becoming a member of my baby plan, rest assured you've already made tentative dates to get your sessions done. Trust me, once baby is here, it's easy to forget to get them scheduled so planning ahead with the first year plan gets takes that weight off your shoulders as I will send you reminders for scheduling each session. As a thank you for trusting me to document these precious milestones,  you will receive a discount on your plan. Read below for details! ***

Create your custom package:

Decide on which combination of sessions you wish to document. Some examples of popular sessions my clients choose: {Maternity, Newborn, 6 and 12 month}, or {newborn, 3, 6, 9, and 12 month}. You can choose whichever combination of sessions you want, though! Here is everything you can choose from:

- Maternity 

- Hello Baby (At the hospital after birth) 

- Newborn 

- 3 month 

- 6 month 

- 9 month 

- 12 month 


3 Session Package - $90 discount 


4 Session Package - $120 discount


5 Session Package - $150 discount


Custom Package with 6+ sessions, please email me! :)

Once you decide on the sessions you want, navigate to the investment tab at the very top to choose your digital package for each session type. Monthly milestones packages such as 3, 6 9 and 12 month can be found under the "Children" tab. Maternity, Hospital and Newborn each have their own pricing tabs.

*** You do not have to commit to or finalize any digital package when you choose to do a First Year Plan. Many of my clients end up upgrading their packages so just know you have some flexibility on changing your digital package as the months go on. For example, if you initially choose the Simplicity Digital Collection for your 3 month session and decide you want Classic Digital Collection, you can change to that, no problem. 

*** How does payment work by booking a first year plan? ***

Payment for your plan is not all due at once. Whew! I will send an invoice initially to hold a slot on my calendar for time sensitive sessions, such as hospital, maternity and newborn sessions only. The remaining balance of each of those sessions is not due until the day before your session date.

Upon the delivery of each session gallery, I will send you a retainer invoice your next upcoming session. Again, the remaining balance that session is not due until the day before the session date. This will allow you to financially plan ahead.  

** The discount for each collection will be reflected on your FINAL session **

** If you want to customize a package, just let me know! You can swap out any milestone for another if its not in the package you want, such as hospital fresh 48 in place of maternity

Click HERE  to choose your digital package for each of the sessions listed above! If you do not see a milestone collection above that includes exactly what you want, feel free to send me an email at Info@Angelakimphotography.com and we can put together your own collection. Some of my clients add on 3 month and 9 month milestones to their collections, just for example!

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