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I travel to you . . . 

As a mother myself, I know how tough those first few weeks are. Getting out the door with a brand new little one, and maybe also some older siblings, can be the equivalent of moving mountains. Eliminating the stress of getting everyone ready and out the door on time is something I love offering my newborn clients! Sessions are all done in the comfort of your home, whether you choose a posed session or a documentary session. Serving the DFW area within a 25 mile radius of Rockwall, TX. 

The newborn stage is one of the most precious, yet, the most fleeting stage in life. Documenting your little one is so important for this reason alone. Memories fade no matter how hard we try to remember them. Photographs are the best way to help us re-live our most dearest moments.

I offer two different ways to document your precious baby:  Posed and Documentary. Both are done in the comfort of your own home on a weekday so you can sit back and relax on your couch. This means you do not have to stress about getting your new family ready on time in the morning after a restless nights sleep.

For posed sessions, I come ready with my props and lighting, along with special boutique wraps, headbands, and blankets. You're welcome to include a special family heirloom or anything meaningful if you'd like as well! This session is designed to showcase your baby in special poses for truly unique and irreplaceable photos. Before your session, we will discuss your color preferences and other special requests.

Documentary sessions are simple and organic. It requires no special props or posing. I will document you snuggling baby, patting that little tushie as you rock your little one to sleep, and every moment in between.

* Sessions are pre-booked based on your due date. I recommend scheduling your session with me during your 2nd trimester to ensure I have space on my calendar as I only take 4 newborns a month at this time. Once baby arrives, we will schedule your newborn session that will take place 7-14 days after you give birth. I look forward to working with you and cuddling your precious little newborn! 

Classic Newborn Collection

The Classic Collection is a newborn only session where your baby will be swaddled the entire duration featuring 2-3 styles of cozy and beautiful wrapping styles. A variety of floor props, such as vintage baskets and buckets are included, as well as any outfits, tiebacks and bonnets you'd like to incorporate into your session. 10 beautifully edited digitals, along with 10 matching black and white copies will be delivered in a private online gallery where you can conveniently download them to your computer. 

$650 + tax

Heirloom Newborn Collection

The Heirloom Collection is a 2-3 hour newborn session that can be baby only or include sibling and parents. Your baby’s setups will includes cozy wrapping in floor props, curled up naked posing on a fabric color of your choice, and macro detailed images of your baby's delicate features such as eyelashes, lips and fingers. 20 beautifully mastered digital images and matching black and white copies will be delivered in a private online gallery where you can conveniently download them to your computer. 

$950 + tax

Luxe Newborn

The Luxe Collection is a 3 hour session that includes everything in the Heirloom Newborn Collection with the addition of 10 more digitals. In total, you will receive 30 beautifully mastered digitals with matching black and white copies delivered in a private online gallery to conveniently download to your computer. Also included is an 11x14 canvas of your favorite image.

$1250 + tax

Documentary Newborn Session

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If you are looking for something a little more simple and organic for capturing the memory of your newborn, choose my newborn documentary session. There are no fancy props or special posing. I photograph you being a new family, capturing real memories you can cherish for a lifetime.  

This collection comes with 30 images with black and white conversions for a total of 60 images.

 $595 + tax

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